Unparalled Knowledge with the Highest Quality!

Centerline Ski

Unparalled knowledge with the highest quality!


Our Mission

We believe in presenting a collection of equipment selected for our range of customers.  Our testers are intermediate to professional skiers of both genders.

We believe in developing a collection of equipment that will work for anyone who walks through the door, and we will guide you through the collection, avoiding the confusion of many lines of redundant equipment.

Service Department

Our service department is the finest in the area, with years of experience at all levels of ski and boot preparation, guaranteeing consistent quality and performance from our workmanship.

We also educate our clients on what they have an how to use it.  We go as far as getting on the hill with them!

About Steve Forsythe

Steve Forsythe is the force behind Centerline Ski, he has years of experience in both the retail and coaching sides of the ski profession.  He is committed to delivering the highest quality service, products, information, and instruction available anywhere.

     * USSA Certified Coach

     * Custom Boot Fitting for National Team

     * 40 years experience in Retail and Ski Service business

     * Professional testor for major ski and boot manufacturers

Steve Forsythe

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